A Little Help Goes A Long Way

On a day where everything is a struggle

A day where a simple task was hard to do

A day when going outside filled me with dread

Come on lady move those bones

I summoned determination and knew I needed to try

Made it to the shop I searched out an assistant

Something told me I needed to tell her I had MS

She reassured me and helped, so I could take my time

It’s hard for many people we see, we expect them to know about MS and me

I have to try and be open not shrug when people offer to help

But I know many who struggle or recoil when asked, just too proud 

Acknowledgement is often the last hurdle to get past

In this world of invisible struggle and no obvious signs

Asking is not a weakness so don’t wait for rainy days

Ask for that help, a little goes a long way

If not, your tomorrows will only get harder

Llewellyn-McKenzie Communications 2019 (c)