Black & White Photo

You sat across from me in the room

Your face all weathered

You were reading a paper as you silently sat

Your shoes were immaculately polished, your cap placed on your knee

You are back the next day like me

Your shirt looking dapper

You speak about the weather and sip from your water

Your eyes so friendly and I swear they almost smile

You are back again same waiting room as me

Your shoes still shining and you look so smart

You speak of the journey and getting parked

Your poppy of remembrance on your lapel in honour

You arrived later the following day

Your appointment had changed and we spoke of bygone days

You showed me a photo which had creased over the years

Your wife looked so pretty, so many stories, the laughs, sweat and tears

I miss those wee chats now my treatment has ended

I often think about you and hope you are well

Llewellyn-McKenzie Communications (c)