Breast Cancer Terminus

Took my last Tamoxifen tonight after five faithful years

Feeling grateful, but strangely mixed, that I have reached this milestone

That’s when I pause, and reflect on the many before me and many after who won’t have time for tears

Five years every night at 8 o’clock

Five years of feeling mixed

Five years of rebuilding

Five years of decision making

Five years then discharged, with added scars

My tattooed dots mark the spot

Mrs Tamoxifen you were my reassuring comfort blanket

I walk away slowly, can’t turn back or stop

Onwards and upwards, a new chapter begins

I’m taking every opportunity that comes...

Just wish my MS would take a day off, it’s like paying for sins

I’ll carry my memories and experience and hold them dear

But it’s the threat from Pandora’s open box that I do now fear...

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