CBD and how it's helping me live with MS

Like most people I was sceptical when I first heard about cannabis oil and its reported power to heal so many ills.

Now, don't get me wrong the curing of ills appealed to me I won't lie, but the stigma around the contents of this oil did fill me with some doubts.

I live with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) and I recently read somewhere that CBD oil might be the natural remedy I needed to help with my pain, depression and anxiety. I was keen to ditch the anti-depressants and powerful pain killers and seek out an a herbal alternative.

However, I needed some convincing. Little did I know that the Twitter feed of one of my favourite professional boxers, Anthony Fowler, would provide me with all the convincing I needed to take the plunge and give CBD oil a try.

One fact, which put me at ease almost immediately, was the fact it possessed only a trace amount of THC, the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant. I was deliriously happy that this was not only going to be a potential prescription drug replacement, but also that I wouldn't be walking around like a zombie.

Anthony Fowler has been selling the concept and the product itself through his Twitter and Facebook pages for some time now and was actively encouraging people to DM him and give it a try for themselves. I have to admit the hundreds of glowing references for the product on his page, really encouraged me, especially those who said CBD use had greatly reduced their anxiety, something my MS has gifted me since my diagnosis in 2015.

So I fired a message to Anthony and within minutes he replied, promising to ship a bottle to me as soon as possible. One transaction later and I had a message confirming the product would be shipped that evening. The delivery was super quick, even though I live in the Highlands of Scotland.

I'm now two years into my twice daily dose of CBD oil and I must admit the results speak for themselves. My anxiety levels before taking it were 9 out of 10 and after a fortnight my anxiety had almost entirely disappeared. My walking is not the best at this time of year (winter), but even my confidence in walking and mobility has improved two-fold since taking CBD oil.

I have tried a few brands, but Supreme CBD is by far the best quality I have come across. I have used the 1000mg, 1,500mg and 3,000mg varieties and all work fine for me. The 3,000mg might be the best value as you take less and it therefore lasts longer. But I am happy with the 1,000mg for everyday use. Supreme have one of the strongest CBDs available, with a 12,000mg version.

It really has been an eye opener for me and if it continues to provide the real life health benefits that it has done in the past two years, then I have no doubt I will be continuing to use it daily.

If you suffer from chronic pain, depression or anxiety and would like to see the benefits for yourself please get in touch with Anthony on his Twitter feed. Just Follow Anthony here and send him a Direct Message. If you quote FOWLER when you place your order you will get a special discounted rate.

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