Hello Mr Robin

Your breast so plump and red

Singing a chorus every morning

Your cheerful song rings through the sky

All day until I lay my head

With legs like brittle matchsticks

You zip around so quickly

In my garden you spend your time

Chippering away, then landing close by 

You come to the kitchen window 

You fly in and hover near the door

You walk down my path

You dart around, zig zagging, so very busy

Mr. Robin your presence lights up the grey

I give you gratitude and respect for bringing delight to my heart

Mr. Robin I salute you, like my mother did

and Mr Robin your wonderful song was enjoyed by her and her mother before 

Mr Robin you are always welcome in my garden, on a cold & frosty winter's morning or even on a Christmas card 

Keep singing your happy song at my window or my door 

Thank you Mr Robin

Llewellyn-McKenzie Communications 2019 (c)