How Many Likes Is Enough?

A status update once in a while

Warms the heart and makes you smile

Funny moments captured with a photograph

How many Likes for such a good laugh

A status update on payday expressing excitement

Added with a 'Friday' feeling and a beer or two

The weekend has landed and so have you

How many likes for sharing your weekend plans

A status update of the meal you are about to eat

For the Friday feeling should be felt each day

After scoffing all of your grub in a pub

How many likes for the diet has started or so you say

A status update expressing your happy home with gorgeous kids

Your wonderful lover, mother and perfect pets

Could this really be hiding a life of so many regrets

How many likes for a life that you only dream about

A status updated sharing your weather forecast

Pictures sure follow showing the snow or sun

So much food on Barbie or sledging is fun

How many likes for all that you share

A status update checking in at the airport

This will be followed by tracking your flight

Look at my hotel and matching luggage too

How many likes? Gee they seem down quite a few

A status update with more jolly times & places

Sharing your feelings it helps to set free

Keep your feet grounded as you have a friend in me

How many likes keep going my friend be true to yourself, you’ll see