I watch as countless birds migrate from north to south

Following one after another, no words spoken by mouth

Street colours are make-believe in this place

As I walk past no one notices me or looks at my face

Off to sandy beaches and calming blue sea

My soul is migrating from deep inside me

I won’t travel by sea, on foot or a long distant highway

Just close my eyes, breathe and believe I can fly away

I have no route to follow or a deadline to meet

I visualise the countryside, a city or even a street

I smell new smells, hear sounds and step back in time

I imagine harvests on land or on sea, but I drift past, committing no crime

I feel invisible as though no one can see me

I can turn into something else, physics, metamorphic you see

I could be the person standing in front of the queue

Or I could be a beach towel, fluffy and blue

I could be the lost, hungry cat or wandering old man

I could even be the VIP who walks past the loyal fan

I love feeling like a fly on the wall, it could be anywhere

Like the life of a drifter, moving on, no time to stop and stare

Sometimes I’m in history, a battle, a war or a date

From Royal splendour and banquets to an Oliver orphan at the gate

Where will I drift to next time, I can never be sure

I could be green with envy, whether I’m rich or poor

Escaping life for a while may sound nice to some or even odd

But migrating is like hatching, not from egg or even by God

Spread your eagle like wings and set your mind free

Looking around and learning to be me

For if I was a spider, a dog or a stray

I think I’ll stay invisible, no harm will meet me that way.

Llewellyn-McKenzie Communications (c) 2019