Leaning On Him

A single red rose, my love he handed to me

My eyes so sad, this he could see

He loves me so much and holds on so tight

Urging me not to give up the fight

I housed my life and heart with him, he took my hand and promised to lead me

To a life so fulfilling and enriched my soul would be free

A feather like stroke a tender, soft kiss, a feeling of need I thought could never exist

I owe him so much yet I have very little

No job, no home, no money - I’m brittle

But when he holds me close, it casts off my fears

He fills me with strength and kisses my tears

A single red rose my love, a token so strong

In each other’s arms we’ll forever belong

May the rose never wither or wilt away

Those who caused hurt will be pricked one day

A thorn in their side they’ll surely feel

While my love and I our scars they will heal

Llewellyn-McKenzie Communications (c) 2019