Maybe Tomorrow

Sometimes she wonders why there's noone here to see her achieve

Maybe it’s because she was the only one to remain positive that better days would arrive

For this she did believe. Not today but maybe tomorrow.

Often told to walk away

Best step back friends would say

Never acknowledging a homeless girl they walk past, thinking, maybe tomorrow

The solitary shadow that they didn’t see

The young person who spiralled down a hole 

Who had dreams kept on pause remaining still

Bullied, shamed and teased at school, do you help her? Maybe tomorrow

Many are ignored because they're appear different or quiet

How dare you judge, question and walk away 

I feel your eyes stare, head down as you shuffle away

What’s wrong don’t know what to say? A hello would be nice. Open your eyes and see, maybe tomorrow

As for the girl that grew up all alone and misunderstood

Maybe she’s been homeless, sectioned and remanded, left dreaming, maybe tomorrow 

She's been out in the cold, alone with nothing. Wrong choices made in this maze called life

Pressured and unable to comprehend when will this torment end, maybe tomorrow she dreamed each night, maybe tomorrow

Llewellyn-McKenzie Communications 2019 (c)