My Loch Ness

Standing on its pebbled beach I cast a gaze of wonderment across the glass-coated surface of the loch

Something mystical dances and echoes through my thoughts, I’m frozen, enchanted. A myth? A truth? It matters not to me, I’m in awe

In its depths, what there may lay? And what images surface in my mind’s eye as the water shimmers in the setting of the evening sun

I take not for granted its beauty, a stretch of water that’s rested with a brooding silence on my doorstep since I was a child

This place has the power to reawaken the child in me, a feeling that returns each time I go, to dip my toes in its icy embrace

Countless numbers have come, countless numbers have gone and each one takes away their own personal and special memories of this worldly wonder

The remnants of aged, decaying piers still peep through the surface and the pine covered hills guard its flanks. This truly is a setting like no other

Boats and vessels sail up and down, but always with a respectful glide. Its depth, it’s cold simply demand such respect, not to mention its majesty

A place to walk, a place to think, a place to hold hands with the one you love, a place to remember and a place to cherish

It’s been the leading lady in a million films and photographs and will be so again. It’s heard the roar of crowds, the sound of guitars and the crash of cymbals and drums

It’s been touched by the Olympic flame and its shores have been serenaded by pipers

​But when it falls silent it’s my spiritual home and a place that continues to inspire – thank you Loch Ness, for the unforgettable fire you stir in me.