New Highland writer announces arrival with new website and plans for debut novel

Today marks the launch of the writing career of a woman who is not only investigative and insightful but very observational in the approach to her art.

Based in the Highlands of Scotland, Suzette McKenzie is proud to announce her brand new venture, Llewellyn-McKenzie Communications.

Suzette chose today for the launch, as it’s 30 years to the day, since she lost her father Captain Ashley George Cameron Llewellyn-Thomas in a tragic helicopter accident in the Black Hills of China.

And the name of her new company pays homage to her father, a former British Army soldier, relief-aid worker and helicopter pilot.

The 22nd of May marks a new beginning for Suzette and she has also revealed plans for her first novel.Her website is now live and features a range of her poetry and her amateur photography, all #ShotOniPhone.Suzette is already well underway with her first novel which she hopes to have completed next year.

Her maiden novel, entitled Now Can You See Me?, focuses on a woman’s struggle to cope with disability, mental health problems, lost friendships, family and above all else a burning determination to free herself from the constrictions of physical disability. In this story the main character, Carla, strives to create better understanding of life changing illnesses, and to underline that life really is worth fighting for, regardless of the cards you are dealt.

Speaking about the launch of her new website and book announcement, Suzette said: “I’m excited and proud to finally be able to launch my new website today, which is a special day for me personally.

“Having overcome breast cancer and currently living with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis, I am determined that nothing will stop me. I now intend to put my time to good use and share not only my poetry but my forthcoming novel with everyone.

“This has been a dream of mine for a number of years now and I am enjoying the process of writing, which certainly helps me cope with the changes in my life.”

She added: “Even mental health issues and a house fire along the way did not deter me from my dream, which begins today.

“It’s been a hard road, but I have had tremendous support from my husband and son as well as my medical team. And the support I have had from friends Kay and George Robertson can never be underestimated. I’ve lost a lot on the journey but gained valuable strength and energy. This is going to be an exciting ride.”

Llewellyn-McKenzie Communications can be found here

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Welsh-native Suzette recently turned 50-years-old and lives in Inverness, Highland. She loves travel and has a particular fondness for the stunning scenery of Andalusia in Spain. Suzette also enjoys reading, meditation and visiting Refugio Del Burrito, a donkey sanctuary in Fuente De Piedra, Andalusia, which does amazing work helping mistreated animals enjoy a peaceful and harm free life. Suzette is also a staunch supporter of animal welfare organisations and in her spare time is an advocate for mental health support. She also loves music, art and design, gardening and nature.