Trés bon... A delightful story

This perfectly-paced book instantly made me feel I had been transported to Paris. The young Simone leads a double life. A life in the footprints of her spy mother.

Add the delights of her father’s generations old patisserie and the wonderful array of french delights.

One minute Simone is dusting eclairs amid the smell of sweet chocolate, candy, pastry and cakes and the next she is answering her younger sister Mia with her relentless questions.

All the while the analytically minded Simone pays attention to every detail and her record of keeping time is impeccable. She seems to be juggling everything, ensuring the family and customers are happy. Meanwhile her diplomat spy mother is off grid.

The book is a wonderful melange of chocolat, musique, the family dog GiGi, wonderful art galleries and a thief (yes you read that correctly a thief) this story keeps me on my toes as it routes me through the many fine streets, running against the clock not only to keep up precisely with word on the whereabouts of this famous Thief, but to follow the excitement and intrepidation of buying a dress for the prestigious Chocolatiers Ball.

Paris’s wealth of art, music and chocolate provides the perfect backdrop for an aspiring, intelligent and book loving young girl.

Simone will captivate you and she isthenew young heroine we’d all loved to have been.

A magnificent read.